Comprehensive Area Resources, Entitlements and Services (HUH CARES) by Howard University Hospital (HUH)

The HUH CARES program provides comprehensive health services, including mental health counseling, to men, women, children and adolescents who are HIV positive. They serve clients who are uninsured or underinsured; clients must be DC residents. Our Objectives To expand and improve access to primary care service coordination and referrals for individuals and families living with HIV and AIDS To provide sensitive and comprehensive services to meet the needs of all ages, gender...

2041 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC, 20060

Uninsured Age Group Health Conditions Housing All Ages Insurance Living with HIV or AIDS Housing Advice

Enroll in Insurance by Community of Hope

Community of Hope can help you explore affordable health insurance options for you and your family through DC Health Link. Don’t have insurance? Need to change plans? Not sure what kind of coverage you need? Problems enrolling with Medicaid? Get free one-on-one expert help from a Community of Hope Enrollment Assister at any of our locations! Our Enrollment Assisters are DC Health Link Certified trained experts who help you: Navigate the DC Health Link website Review your...

4 Atlantic Street, SW, Washington, DC, 20032

Uninsured Care

Free Immunizations For Uninsured/Underinsured People by DC Department of Health (DC Health)

The providers listed at this website give free immunizations to Medicaid-covered, underinsured and uninsured individuals. Select from the list of wards at this website to view the list of providers.

Uninsured Health Conditions Vaccinations

Methadone Treatment Center by United Planning Organization

The Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) is an outpatient methadone maintenance treatment program. Our holistic, Person-Centered Treatment Approach combines personal and family guidance. Opioid addiction is a chronic life-threatening disease, which may take years to treat. At CTC relapse prevention is the main focus. Thus, sobriety is the goal of treatment with the hope of improving quality of life. How do we practice relapse prevention? With opioid replacement therapy using...

1900 Massachusetts Ave SE, Building #13, Washington, DC, 20003

Uninsured DC Resident Health Conditions Ages 21+

Project WISH Free Cancer Screenings by DC Department of Health (DC Health)

The District provides free breast and cervical cancer screening and diagnostic follow-up for eligible women through Project Women Into Staying Healthy (WISH). Project WISH also provides patient navigation, transportation assistance, and cancer education to all women enrolled in the project.

Uninsured Health Conditions Women/Girls Prevent & Treat Care

Sexual Health Services by DC Department of Health (DC Health)

The Health and Wellness Center offers easy and affordable sexual health care with bilingual staff, a convenient location, and same-day appointments. Our caring professionals offer expert services, including: - Health screenings - HIV and STD prevention resources - STD Testing and Treatment - Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) - Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) - Tuberculosis Screenings and Services - Hepatitis care - Sexual health counseling and education - Sexual Health and...

77 P St NE, Washington, DC, 20002

Young Adults (20-30) Health Education Geography Disease Screening Medical Care Family Planning Age Group Medicaid Recipient Checkup & Test DC Resident Sex Education Teens (13-19) Prevent & Treat Seniors (55+) Insurance Medicare Recipient Adults (31-54) Health Education

Data last updated June 2nd 2021